Online Academy

As an online language learning platform, the Online Academy uses the latest and most effective pedagogical methods. With its innovative “blended learning” approach and the integration of the “flipped classroom” teaching method, maximizing learning success.
  • E-Learning
      The linchpin of each Online Academy course is its e-learning. You’ll work on your language skills, on the basis of your individual level, over the course of 24 lessons. With interactive exercises, video sequences and interesting texts, the e-learning program ensures that you’ll make progress. You can log into the e-learning program from anywhere and learn whenever you’d like. You’ll find additional grammar and business exercises to increase your knowledge. You’ll also benefit from an interactive vocabulary trainer. You can use the vocabulary trainer to add words you have difficulty with during the e-learning exercises to your personal vocabulary list and repeat them later on.

      The digital pronunciation trainer will help you improve your verbal communication skills. You say the word out loud and the pronunciation trainer will show you how close you are to the pronunciation of a native speaker.

      You will have access to our e-learning program for six months. You determine the pace at which you learn. You can repeat an exercise as often as you’d like. To ensure that you complete all of the lessons, we recommend that you work through one lesson per week. This should take about two hours.

  • Blended Learning
    The various types of courses in the Online Academy combine different forms of learning, such as classroom lessons, online group lessons and online private lessons with e-learning and personal coaching. This combination of different forms of learning is called “blended learning”. Simply select the type of course that suits your individual learning preferences.
  • Flipped Classroom
    The “flipped classroom” is a new way of teaching. The concept is simple and increases learning success significantly: You learn the basics of the language on your own in an e-learning program. For the e-school and class course types, you’ll meet with other students in an online group lesson or classroom lesson once a month. During this session, you’ll apply what you’ve learned and solidify your learning progress. The tutor moderates the lesson, provides you with support and answers any questions. He or she will ensure that everyone has the maximum amount of time to speak and that you are able to improve your verbal communication skills.

    • Standardized knowledge thanks to the progressive self-learning phase with the e-learning program
    • The time in the classroom is used efficiently for exercises, role play and transfer activities.
    • Verbal communication skills are improved.
    • Interactive, practical lessons rather than the passive transmission of information.
  • Learning-Community
    In the online learning community, you’ll share information and exchange ideas with other students. You’ll apply what you’ve learned in social activities. You’ll also find additional useful tools so you can learn languages even more efficiently, such as Migros Club School PodClub podcasts. The community is also available as an app.