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Eurocentres: Learn languages with guaranteed outcomes
To learn English and French in the most beautiful places in the world, to meet interesting people and dive deep into the culture of the country you are visiting: this is the results driven idea behind Eurocentres. The mission of this multiply distinguished foundation, which is headquartered in Zurich, is to bring young people closer to the beauty of foreign languages. The most popular, of course, are English and French, but there are other internationally spoken foreign languages available in the different language schools in over 35 destinations. You will always get the high quality guaranteed by Eurocentres Language Schools and a sophisticated education system that is geared towards young people.

Language courses across the whole world

Learn English in the lively metropolis of London or in Lunenburg surrounded by stunning Nature. Speak French in the fashion capital of Paris or the picturesque town of Amboise. Language courses with Eurocentres take place in the most exciting places in the world. The concept of Eurocentres is just as enlightening as it is successful. The languages are learned where they are actually spoken. All language courses are perfectly crafted for the level of the students and small groups of a maximum of 14 participants encourage quick learner success. The lessons are supported by free time activities where you can get acquainted with the host country and catch a glimpse of the life of the local people.

Immerse yourself in the culture and country

Further education takes place with host families, where the students have the possibility to immerse themselves in the culture and language. For students who prefer living more independently, hotels and house shares are available as well. But the main goal, of strengthening your ability to exchange information and communicate in the foreign language in every situation, remains the same. Very soon, signs of your language success will become apparent, and by taking part in every day life in the visited country, your language skills will improve each day. Every Eurocentres language course ends with you receiving a certificate that is internationally recognized.
Start your adventure abroad today and find the perfect place for your language stay at eurocentres.com

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