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Online Academy

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Online language course with individual online private lesson
Looking for a top-notch online language course? The Online Academy by Migros Club School offers private, self-paced lessons via e-learning and six integrated online private lessons with your personal tutor. The content and timing of the private lessons are tailored to your needs, so you can get answers to the questions you have and strengthen your language skills. With the Online Academy, you can also book additional online private lessons and interact with other students in the online community at any time.
  • The course offers the following advantages
    • Self-paced learning from anywhere
    • Six 45-minute online private lessons with your personal tutor are included
    • Focus on verbal communication
    • Apply and deepen what you’ve learned
    • Receiving additional assignments and option of asking questions
    • Individual recommendations for improvement
    • Interactive practice and multimedia e-learning
    • Build vocabulary with the vocabulary trainer
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