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Online Academy

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Online language course with one private online lesson "
Do you want to learn English, French, German, Italian or Spanish, or brush up your skills? Do you want lessons to slot into your day-to-day life, rather than taking place at set times? Do you want the content to be tailored to your interests as much as possible? If so, the Online Academy’s online courses are perfect for you. 
Your learning journey starts with an in-depth placement test and an evaluation of your learning objectives. We then use smart algorithms and artificial intelligence to put together an e-learning package that’s tailored to your needs. The exercises are varied and made available to you whenever you need them – making learning fun.
You can access every level for your target language (CEFR A1 – B2, or CEFR A1 – C1.2 for English) during the six-month online course. Learn at your own pace: the quicker you learn, the further you’ll advance. You’ll receive a certificate after each CEFR level you complete, which you can also share on LinkedIn.
The Basic package includes access to all the e-learning content and one private online lesson with a teacher. There are no further fees to pay.
  • The course offers the following advantages
    • Flexible and remote
    • Six months’ access to all language levels, CEFR A1 – B2 (English A1 – C 1.2), in your selected language
    • In-depth placement test and needs analysis
    • Bespoke e-learning package including pronunciation and vocabulary work, video exercises, grammar and reading comprehension
    • One 45-minute private online lesson with your teacher
    • ?Certificate for every CEFR level reached
Course start Courses available
Course location Online
  • E-Learning
    • Flexible and available from anywhere.
    • Learning content accessible at any time
    • For PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones
    • Multimedia e-learning
    • Individual learning pace
  • Online private lesson
    • Optionally on top:
      • Available from anywhere and with any device.
      • 1x45 Min.: CHF 89.–
      • 3x45 Min.: CHF 260.–
      • 6x45 Min.: CHF 490.–
    • Flexibly arrange a time directly with your personal tutor.
    • Available from anywhere and with any device.
    • Tailored online private lesson with your personal tutor.
    • Apply and deepen what you’ve learned.
    • Improve verbal communication skills.
    • Discuss questions and topics that are not clear directly with your personal tutor.
    • STARTING THE COURSE BASIC & COACH: One private online lesson in the online classroom takes 45 minutes and is inclusive.
    • STARTING THE COURSE PRIVATE: Six private online lessons are inclusive. They take 45 minutes each and are held in the online class room.
    • FOR EXAM PREPARATION COURSES:Four private online lessons are inclusive. They take 45 minutes each and are held in the online class room.
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