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Online Academy

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Digitalisation test
What's your digital fitness level? Find out with the digitalisation test
Digitalisation has long been a major influence on our jobs, our work processes and our private lives. To remain competitive in the labour market, employees are expected to prove their digital skills at a range of levels. And with the breakneck pace of development, regular visits to the digital gym are a must. But which training programme is right for you?
The digitalisation test can show you how well positioned you are, and the areas where you may need to improve. This specially developed online tool tests the state of your knowledge in a range of focus areas and provides a detailed profile of your digital skills.

Benefits at a glance
  • Check your knowledge easily online
  • Results in 30 to 40 minutes
  • Available in English, German and French
  • Adaptive, adjusts automatically to your individual level
  • Creates a comprehensive strengths-and-weaknesses profile
  • Evaluation in eleven focus areas
  • Great addition to your job application file