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Online Academy

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Master the Evolution of Work
Shaping the future rather than witnessing change: ready for the labor market of tomorrow?
In today‘s fast evolving world, innovative new technologies and ways of working as well as societal changes offer great possibilities but also bring new challenges:
The digital revolution has accelerated communications, data collection, propagation of information and innovation. New approaches to management, communication and business are emerging.
These evolutions drive the need for adaptation to rapid changes whether you are an executive or an employee. Learn more about these new paradigms and their impact in our course and stay ahead of the curve.
In only six months, you will be mastering topics like modern ways of working and management, collective performance or creativity and communication to thrive today’s work environment.
  • The course offers the following advantages:
    Learn anywhere and anytime. Choose your own personal learning path at your convenience. You will become familiar with the topics through short video sequences. In the corresponding exercises and quizzes you will deepen and consolidate your new knowledge.
    Learn alone or challenge other students to battle you. Collect prizes and progress from the level “Beginner” to “Advanced” up to the level “Expert”. Interact with other students and coaches or act as a coach yourself, as by supporting fellow students in their learning progress you will further strengthen your own expertise.

    Confirmation of participation:
    At the end of the course, having solved 80% of the modules, you will receive a confirmation of participation from Migros Club School’s Online Academy.
  • Your profile
    • You are willing to invest about one hour per week in order to finish your course in six months.
    • This course is available in English and French. Hence, we recommend that you have at least a B1 level (according to the CEFR) in the course language of your choice.
  • System requirements
    The Platform is compatible with a various range of browsers with automatic adaptation to the screen size:
    • Internet Explorer: latest version (the platform is incompatible with IE8 and IE9)
    • IPad and IPhone iOS latest version / Android latest version
    • Chrome latest version
    • Firefox latest version
  • Learning objectives
    At the end of this course you will be mastering topics like modern ways of working and management, collective performance or creativity and communication to thrive in today’s work environment.
    You will know and understand the key concepts of:
    • New ways of working like Design Thinking, Agile methods and startup tools, the horizontal organisational systems of “liberated” companies, the collaborative economy, etc.
    • Effective stress and conflict management.
    • The collaborative management approach to support innovation.
    • How to tackle the challenges of intergenerational work collaboration and management.
    • Leading change in disruptive environments and how to stay on top of emerging trends.
    • How to prepare and deliver and inspiring talk.
Course start immediately
Duration of course 6 Months
Course location Online
Price incl. VAT CHF 190.00