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Online Academy

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Test Account Digital Business
Understanding digital phenomena: have your say!
Big Data, User-Centricity, Multi-Screen, Remarketing, Social Networks and many others: The on-going and fast-paced digital revolution has brought a wealth of new disciplines and technologies, continuously requiring new knowledge and skill-sets.
What hides behind these digital phenomena? How do they impact various aspects of our work and lives? In this course, you will gain a broader understanding and get a firmer grasp on the concepts of the digital era. Stay on top of the digital revolution, decoding it!
  • The course offers the following advantages:
    Learn anywhere and anytime. Choose your own personal learning path at your convenience. You will become familiar with the topics through short video sequences. In the corresponding exercises and quizzes you will deepen and consolidate your new knowledge.
    Learn autonomously or challenge other students to battle you. Collect prizes and progress from the level “Beginner” to “Advanced” up to the Masterlevel “Expert”. Interact with other students and “coaches” or act as a “coach” yourself, as by supporting fellow students in their learning progress you will further strengthen your own expertise.
    Learn about the digital revolution in a digital way.

    Confirmation of participation:
    At the end of the course, having solved 80% of the modules, you will receive a confirmation of participation from Migros Club School’s Online Academy.
  • Content
    In this course, you will learn more about the following topics:
    Communication and social media
    • Social networks: Learn how social media has radically changed our lives and how to best use them.
    • Brand engagement: Learn how to use own “Brand Content” to drive customer engagement and create sustainable interest in your brand.
    • Major challenges and web giants: Get to know the key factors of the success of the Web Giants, Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon.
    • Multi-screen: Understand the usage behaviors of the Generation C, the growth of multiscreen consumption and how to successfully use multiscreen marketing strategies.
    • Mobile revolution:  Master the revolution of customized targeting and understand the opportunities of mobile campaigns.
    • Online video: Learn all about the new ways for consuming video content with trends like catch-up TV, video on demand or video sharing platforms.
    Mobility and data
    • Big data: Learn how to use and manage the new resource; data and learn about tools and skills required to handle it.
    Innovation and technologies
    • Of Robots and men: Get to know all about robots and dive into topics like artificial intelligence or “robophobia”.
    • The Promises of biotechnology: Learn about how the human body could be restored or even improved through technology and the challenges associated with this development.
    Marketing 3.0 E-commerce
    • Generating traffic: Understand the concept of website traffic generation and retention and familiarize yourself with the associated tools.
    • Changes in local businesses: Learn how the mobile revolution has revitalized local communication and how to exploit those new possibilities.
    • One-to-one marketing: Understand how targeting in marketing and traditional media have changed and gotten more customized and how to take advantage of this development.
    • Searching online: Dive into the world of search engines, our main way of navigating the web, and understand advanced concepts such as predictive search to leverage those engines.

    Strategy and digital transformation
    • E-Retail: Learn how to optimize your e-commerce sites.
    • The ”user-centric“ approach: Understand how to put the user at the center of  your development and how to build a successful e-crm strategy.
    • Prospectives: Catch a glimpse into the future and learn about the newest developments e.g. the future of education or the future architecture of the web.
    You will study the topics in 210 Videos and consolidate your gained knowledge in the corresponding exercises (1700 Questions and more). In no time, you will become and expert/coach in these fields.
  • Target group
    • You would like to know more about buzzwords like SEO, remarketing, conversion rate, video on demand, multi-screen or generation C and understand their meaning, evolution and impact.
    • You would like to strengthen your knowledge about the digital revolution, decode it to stay on top of it.
    • You would like a “how to guide” on the digital age in order to tackle the challenges head on.
    • You want to get and stay ahead of the developments and anticipate future trends.
    • You want to be a driver of change.
    • You want to be part of a community with similar propositions that supports each other.
    • You prefer a course in which you can learn at your own pace, anytime anywhere and in which learning is fun and exciting.
  • Vorgehen
    This course is available in English and French.
  • Your profile
    • You are willing to invest about one hour per week in order to finish your course in six months.
    • This course is available in English and French. Hence, we recommend that you have at least a B1 level (according to the CEFR) in the course language of your choice.
  • System requirements
    The Platform is compatible with a various range of browsers with automatic adaptation to the screen size:
    • Internet Explorer: latest version (the platform is incompatible with IE8 and IE9)
    • IPad and IPhone iOS latest version / Android latest version
    • Chrome latest version
    • Firefox latest version
  • Learning objectives
    At the end of the course you will have broadened and deepened your understanding of the digital revolution: the disciplines it has transformed or created, the possibilities it offers and how to take advantage of them.
Course start immediately
Duration of course 6 Months
Course location Online
Price incl. VAT CHF 190.00