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Online Office courses – from beginner to professional.

Confidence working with a computer, and the main MS Office applications in particular, has become an essential skill for day-to-day work across all sectors. Employers require employees/applicants to be able to complete tasks efficiently, quickly and correctly. Make sure that you occupy pole position in the employment market by increasing and perfecting your Microsoft Office skills. Learn with a combination of video lessons and exercises in the virtual Office application and use the knowledge you have gained immediately. The practical exercises with real-time analysis show you any errors instantly and offer possible solutions for optimum learning results. Complete the exercises as often as you want – practice makes perfect!



From Excel, Word and PowerPoint to new features after a migration – you can learn it all with us online.

  • E-learning
  • Flexible and available anywhere
  • Individual learning pace
  • Short course units available at any time
  • Multimedia course content (audio and video)
  • Learn directly in the Office application
  • Real-time correction
  • Digital reference material on all topics relating to the Office application
  • Available in English, German and French

Online Office courses for everyone from beginners to professionals

All our courses give you the flexibility to learn when and where it suits you: you decide how to learn and determine your own pace. You always have an overview of your progress and can determine your own learning process. A digital reference work is also available in case you want to take a more in-depth look at a topic.

1. Learn

All courses use our interactive e-learning software. First you watch the lesson videos for the relevant Office topics. The video lessons not only teach you about the functions, they also offer tips on efficient solution methods. Everything is available online 24 hours a day.

2. Practice

You put the knowledge that you have gained into practice by completing exercises directly in the virtual Office application. The e-learning software accepts different solution methods and provides tips on efficient solutions. And if you get stuck, you can simply watch the video again or consult the digital reference material. Repeat the exercises as many times as you wish until you can use the functions confidently.

3. Apply

Since exercises are completed directly in a virtual Office application, you also become used to working with the relevant Office application. This ensures that you are well prepared for future tasks at work or home, and will be able to complete them more efficiently thanks to the knowledge you have gained.

4. Confirmation of participation

At the end of the course and on successful completion of at least 80% of the exercises in your personal e-learning course, you will receive a certificate from the Migros Club School's Online Academy.

Convincing Quality

Money-back guarantee:

Try out our online Microsoft Office courses. We offer a money-back guarantee up to seven days after the start of your course.

Learning by doing

Our online MS Office courses offer practical learning in the real program environment and evaluate the results in real time. Nothing will prevent you from transferring knowledge into practice.

Learn online

Enjoy the benefits of online learning. Our courses can be accessed from any device and will fit into any calendar.

See for yourself

Oliver Durrer Head of the Online Academy:
Introduction of the Online Academy

Joshua French Student:
Learning French online

Corinne Hobi German tutor:
Teaching online

See for yourself

Oliver Durrer Head of the Online Academy:
Introduction of the Online Academy

Joshua French Student:
Learning French online

Corinne Hobi German tutor:
Teaching online